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International Women's Day 2023

🌹 Happy Women's Day 🌹

Today #iwd23 I wanted to get together the women of local business owners who inspire us everyday and to celebrate all their success and achievements. They all deserve it!


Every woman's success should be an inspiration to another. We are strongest when we cheer each other on. 💪

We are surrounded by women who are beautiful, brave, smart, loveable, kind and so much more 💖.

There is no limit to what us women can achieve. 👭👭

Below are women who have set up their own businesses, created a vision they had in their minds, who have strength and power and the ability to keep their heads up high no matter what. They are all amazing at what they do and love sharing their passions with you ❤️

📣 Let's show support for all these local businesses in Whiteparish and head over to each pages to like or follow them 📣"

Radiant Rose Beauty Room

Sophie Sharpe Pilates Instructor

Dora Flora Flowers

Becky Aymes Art

Kate Lockwood

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