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Why do my lashes grow in different directions?

Have you noticed your lashes have always grown side on or maybe they have just started doing it and you are wondering why? 👁

I had a client query this last week and I know she will not be the only one who has an unruly lash that has a mind of its own.

There are many reasons that can cause lashes to grow in a different direction. It can also be a temporary problem but if is an issue that has remained for a while here are some factors that may be of help to you.

🌹 Genetics

🌹 Grooming Habits

🌹 Make up and Beauty Products

🌹 Trauma or injury

🌹 Medical Conditions

🌹 Genetics- Some people are simply born with lashes that grow in different directions or have a less uniform appearance.

🌹 Grooming Habits - How you groom and care for your lashes can influence the direction they grow in. This can be from an eyelash curler.

🌹 Makeup and beauty products - how you apply your beauty products if you are quite heavy handed and how you remove make up. You may not remove all of your mascara or other eye products properly.

Lash lifts can change the direction of your lashes especially if a lift is done incorrectly or the lashes aren't properly glued onto the shield in a straight position during the perming part of the treatment. Lash extensions can also play a part due to the extensions straining on your natural hair follicle and changing the growth.

🌹 Trauma or injury - Damage to your lash root distorting the tissue due to trauma, injury or inflammation. Also rubbing your eyes a lot or sleeping on one side.

🌹 Medical Conditions - Some medical conditions can affect the lashes, for example, blepharitis (inflammation of they eye) or trichiasis (abnormal growth of the lashes).

Sadly as we get older it is more likely that our lashes may change direction due to repeated trauma, or past injury. Not everyone will have a problem with their lashes but least now you will have an idea and be able to work out why your lashes have suddenly changed.

Fixing lashes that grow in a different direction will depend on what is causing it. Here are some options for you -

🌹 Comb lashes daily in the direction you would like them to grow.

🌹 Moisturise and nourish them using oils.

🌹 Use a lash serum to help your lashes grow and strengthen them

🌹 Regularly clean your lashes to remove daily dirt and make up build up. Most medical eye problems start from not removing make up properly.

🌹 Try eyelash foam for cleansing the lashes gently, even when wearing volume lashes.

To maintain healthy lashes and to minimise the chance of them growing in a different direction, it is essential to practice proper eye care, such as gently removing make up, avoid excessive rubbing and using clean and appropriate grooming tools.

Feel free to contact me if you have a question after reading this post and would like some help. If you are concerned about your lashes, contact your GP. 🩺

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