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How to look after your gardening hands?

Spring is here, the weather is brightening up and the rain has stopped a little. Mowers are out cutting the grass and the borders are having a tidy at long last. Birds are our friends and there is something so calming about being outdoors pottering with the sound of the many variety of tweets and chirps. As much as it is calming and therapeutic, our poor hands take a bit of a beating and our nails some bashing. Here are a few tips to help you take care of your hands -

  • Wear suitable gloves

Choose a pair of gloves that fit your hands well and for the job in hand. Gloves that are too big make it difficult to pick smaller weeds, you will get frustrated and take them off. Too small and holes will appear. Gloves are designed to protect your hands from cuts, blisters and direct contact with soil.

  • Clean your hands

A quick clean under water is not sufficient, you need to have good hand hygiene to thoroughly clean your hands of dirt, especially in the cracks of your skin. Use a good scrubbing brush and soap to really get into those stubborn areas and under the nails.

  • Nail care

Nails receive a lot of trauma during gardening. You probably noticed your nail tips have creases on them where they have been bent inside the gloves and possibly a corner of the nail has broken. It is always handy to have a nail file to smooth the edges and nail clippers if necessary to trim the nail. The shorter they are the less trauma they will receive. Make sure to thoroughly clean under the nails when washing your hands and use a good scrubbing brush to get to those stubborn areas. A layer of polish on top of the nails will help protect them for you.

  • Keep hands hydrated

Apply moisturiser after hand washing to keep your skin hydrated. Natural moisture is drawn from your skin when working in outdoors condition and with soil. This reuslts in your hands becoming dry and rough. Choose a good quality moisturiser that penetrates into the skin and also rub up to your elbows after every session in the garden.

  • Apply SPF

Use suncream everytime you go outdoors to protect your skin.

  • Hand soak

Soaking hands once a week is great form those who suffer with pain in the hands or wrists. Try adding Epsom salt to target those areas and essential oils for a lovely scent.

  • Hand Massage

Treat your tired hands to a massage to stimulate blood circulation, target painful areas and help you to relax.

Add these tips into your gardening routine and you will be surprised at how good your hands look even after a hard day's work.

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