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When to have a facial?

You should have a professional facial every three to four weeks, ideally once a month is beneficial and matches the skin cell turnover cycle in the epidermis. This will vary depending on each individual skin type and condition.

Each month your skin does different things depending on the season and depending on your lifestyle so a monthly check on with a

There are many benefits to a facial:

  • Help to improve circulation

  • Optimise cellular health

  • Promote collagen production

  • Promoting relaxation

  • Improved skin tone texture and appearance

  • Thoroughly cleanse your face

  • Promotes skin hydration

  • Benefits and take care of your skin

  • Helps you to relax

  • Relieve mental stress

  • Prevent future skin concerns

  • Remove dead skin cells

Facials help with all the above processes and assures your skin is always glowing and looking radiant.

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