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Why are my nails peeling?

🌹Our nails don't like to be too wet but also don't like to be too dry.

🌹Doing chores and soaking nails in water or chemicals can result in soft nails, peeling or chipping.

🌹Being in a humid environment full of moisture can make nails swell with water and become soft and at a higher risk of trauma.

🌹Winter season lacks moisture resulting in dry nails, so it is super important to regularly apply cuticle oil and hand cream to keep them hydrated.

🌹Being too heavy handed when buffing over your nails or using them as tools. Over buffing them will thin your nails and over use of nails and minimal trauma will result in splitting.

🌹Lack of vitamins can also cause peeling. Iron, vitamin B and vitamin D help keratin to grow stronger and eating a well balanced diet will help to boost those lost vitamins.

🌹Thyroid issues can affect the nails, it can slow nail growth causing older nail tissue to hang around and making nails brittle.

🌹Fungal infections and eczema on the nails and surrounding skin can affect nails too.

💅 Takeaway, always wear gloves where possible, apply cuticle oil and hand cream regularly and don't use your nails as tools.

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